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ACAP Invited Parents and Guardians to Get Educated About Vaping

Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) is inviting parents and guardians to participate in an upcoming information session about adolescents and e-cigarettes.  There are many misconceptions about these devices that are on the rise with local youth.  While many adults look to this as a cessation opportunity, the reality is that when used by adolescents it can lead to a lifetime of addiction.  

ACAP will be partnering with MSAD 1 Adult and Community Education for a community presentation on e-cigarettes titled Up in Smoke on October 5th at 6:00 pm. Up in Smoke is a presentation filled with valuable information designed to provide adults in the lives of County youth with the tools they need to know the truths about these devices, conversation starters and resources to help.  

In 2020, cigarette use had drastically dropped to less than 5%, only to be counteracted by an increase in the use of e-cigarettes due to flavors, sleek products, peer use and improper information dissemination. One of the keys in reducing the use of cigarettes in youth was through the success of enacting the 2009 Tobacco Control Act. This Act required the disclosure of ingredients listed in tobacco products, restricted marketing to youth, and required warning labels to cover at least 30% of the package.  Another key to success in the reduction of cigarette use was prevention education. By educating our youth, we are showing them that we care about their future, as well as providing them the tools they need to care for their future.

“This information session is full of great information for parents/guardians that may not recognize what their youth is experiencing.  As a result of this presentation, parents/guardians will have a deeper understanding of the avaialble products along with some great resources to assist to educate their youth and gracefully take on some tough conversations if vaping is a battle the youth is facing”, said Chastity Holland, ACAP’s Community Educator for Tobacco Prevention. She continued, “We are encouraging all parents to join us for this presentation as knowledge is power when it comes to better understanding your child’s environment.”  
For more information about this presentation, tobacco prevention, or tobacco policies, please contact Chastity Holland at